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GLEAD is devoted to providing answers to key societal challenges that affect individual and group well-being in organizations. We conduct research on mental health, socio-emotional skills, decision-making, diversity, identity, and culture. GLEAD puts special attention on methodological robustness. For example, we are now focusing on big data analysis, through an application recently created by our member Dr. Quoidbach and colleagues at Harvard and MIT that monitors real-time daily decisions using an advanced Experience-Sampling Technology. More than 50,000 people already use this app, representing a tremendous opportunity to understand the drivers of daily decisions and well-being at a scale never seen before. GLEAD also bridges research with education through the LEAD program, based on the Intentional Change and Experiential Learning theories, designed within the group. The training develops social and emotional competencies, and was already taught to over 7000 individuals.
Effective start/end date1/01/2230/06/25