Acoustic detection of the effects of prolonged fasting on newly hatched broiler chickens

Gerardo José Ginovart-Panisello, Ignasi Iriondo, Tesa Panisello Monjo, Silvia Riva, Rodrigo Garcia, Javier Valls, Rosa Ma Alsina-Pagès

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Water and food deprivation during the first few hours of life can act as a significant stressor for birds, as it can negatively affect their physical and immunological development. By providing essential nutrients, new enriched hydrated gels help alleviate the potential risks associated with prolonged fasting periods. Broiler chickens vocalisations are considered reliable indicators of changes in stress, anxiety and well-being. In this study, the results of recorded broiler vocalisations are presented together with a statistical analysis of the acoustic parameterisation. We focused on the hours preceding the transport of chicks from the hatchery to the breeding farm, dividing the animals into a control group that replicated real conditions, and a treatment group with the administration of a hydrated gel. The objectives of this study were to validate the effectiveness of continuous audio recording in monitoring stress level in food-deprived chicks, and to identify the most significant acoustic parameters. The selection of the acoustic parameters was based on a previous study conducted on broiler farms, which showed a strong linear relationship between the number of vocalisations, spectral centroid, and the bandwidth. Significant differences were observed between the first and last three hours. Furthermore, 8 h after gel ingestion, vocalisations indicated reduced stress levels.

Idioma originalInglés
Número de artículo108763
PublicaciónComputers and Electronics in Agriculture
EstadoPublicada - abr 2024


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