Reduction of the Environmental Impact of Fluorinated Gases in the Sudoe space using Key Enabling Technologies

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KET4F-Gas is a European project co-funded by the Interreg Sudoe Programme which aims at reducing the environmental impact of fluorinated gases (F-gases) through the development and implementation of Key Enabling Technologies (KETs).

The use of fluorinated gases has drastically increased in recent years, especially in the refrigeration sector, as they are a good substitute for ozone-depleting substances that phased out under the Montreal’s Protocol.

Despite their good properties and characteristics (energy efficient, ozone-friendly, safe for users and handling, low flammability, non toxicity, among others), F-gases are powerful greenhouse gases, showing a global warming potential up to 23,000 times higher than carbon dioxide one. Hence, their emissions to the atmosphere should be considerably reduced according to the Kyoto’s protocol and the new EU regulation.
Fecha de inicio/Fecha fin1/04/1831/03/21

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  • Gasos fluorats
  • Valorització residus industrials
  • Gasos efecte hivernacle
  • Anàlisi del Cicle de Vida

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