¿Cuales son los rasgos que han de caracterizar el perfil de los egresados de las escuelas de negocios jesuïtas según sus directivos?

Enrique Luis López Viguria, Ricard Santomà Vicens

Research output: Not indexed journal articleArticle


This article aims to detect a central element in the mission of Spain Jesuit Universities Business Schools (UNIJES). In particular, it focuses on the analysis of the features that have to characterize the profile of alumni from these schools. To achieve this goal, we use the Concept Mapping methodology to identify ideas and opinions from a group of experts (raw data from focus group) and to transform them into classified data displayed in conceptual maps. The results show how the universities governments value the traits in the alumni. The four most important detected aspects are (i) professional skills, (ii) intrapersonal skills, (iii) interpersonal skills and (iv) social responsibility. These aspects are analyzed from the perspective of the education paradigm within Jesuit Universities.
Original languageSpanish
Specialist publicationJournal of Technology Management & Innovation
Publication statusPublished - 1 Oct 2016

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