Sustainability, Economics, and Ethics

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Grup de recerca emergent (GRE) Reconegut.

The Sustainability, Economics and Ethics (SEE) group brings together researchers who collaborate at the intersection of issues related to ethical, socio-economic and sustanability aspects, as well as as poverty, inequality, education, aporophobia, social exclusion, convergence, environment, among others. The group, composed of economists, philosophers, political scientists, and environmental scientists, is currently working on four distinct fields of research:

• Aporophobia: conducting conceptual research on its characteristics, working on the development of an implicit association test (IAT), and modelling and simulation.
• The Chinese development model: studying economic and social inequality in China.
• Growth and dynamic convergence: researching the evolution of GDP, human capital, HDI, CO2 emissions.
• Ecological Economics and Sustainability: Sustainability indicators, application of poset analysis, CO2 Emissions Convergence in Japan and Corporate Social Irresponsibility.
Acrònim SEE
Data efectiva d'inici i finalització1/01/2230/06/25