Digital Entrepreneurship Innovation

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Detalls del projecte


"The broad purpose of this project is to continue with the advances on digital entrepreurship innovation research work with emphasis on the COVID19 pandemic impact over the entrepreneurial ecosytem and smart cities development as well as increasing the number of accredited research personnel and the overall developing of the research capability of the GREITM group. Defined as the creation and evolution of market offerings, business processes, business models and specific project management approaches that result from the use of digital technology, digital entrepreneurship innovation is interdisciplinary in nature. As a consequence, GREITM consists of team members from across the management, strategy, marketing, project management, organization studies and information systems fields, many of whom are new hires and as well as a number of junior scholars. To meet the research goal, three defined goals are furthermore presented:

* Continue with the GRETIM research focus on the overarching theoretical implications of digital artefacts such as Internet of Things, Artifical Intelligence and Big Data on the dominant management theoretical frameworks.
* Mobilize GREITM team members to actively participate in the research activity focused on understanding the dynamics of platform evolution and ecosystem creation especially affected by the COVID19 pandemic effects.
* Disseminate and finalise outputs from an established research activity focused on how entrepreneurs and project managers use social media with special attention to the COVID19 pandemic effects consequences and evolution.

It is anticipated that this research project will not only result in significant publications and research dissemination, but will assist in developing the research networks, research collaboration skills, and interpersonal relationships between the members of GREITM."
Data efectiva d'inici i finalització1/01/2031/12/20