The human reality of mortgage evictions from a multidisciplinary perspective

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The basic objective of this study was to generate knowledge rooted in the reality of those persons who are evicted or in the process of being evicted in a mortgage related case. We developed a multidisciplinary perspective based on the fields of economics, management, sociology and psychology. The methodological approach based on case studies was fundamental to solving the contradictions that appear between different disciplines and, therefore, to generating new and different knowledge about the phenomenon studied. Here we present a summary of the original paper. The main questions that we tried to answer through this research were the following: 1) How is the process experienced by victims of an eviction like? 2) How and why do the emotions and feelings noted develop during the eviction process? 3) How, in-depth, do the victims experience this process? 4) How do the agents in the environment help the victims during the process? 5) What impacts are observed at the end of the process?
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Publicación especializadaHomeless in Europe
EstadoPublicada - 1 sept 2013


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