Staff Inclusion: DKV Integralia

Marc Vilanova, Silvia Agulló

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The chapter deals with DKV Integralia, the Spanish affiliate of Munich Health, the leading European health insurance company, a division of Munich Re. It has a wide network of offices and consultancies throughout Spain, with 760 employees servicing 1.6 million clients as of 2014. DKV’s business model revolves around the central idea of “really interested in you,” which is a value proposition based on how DKV Spain relates with its key stakeholders based on “open collaboration, participative, long-term and sharing the DKV Dream.” DKV Integralia Foundation is a non-profit foundation established in 1999 by DKV Spain, with the objective of “fostering the integration of handicapped people into society and the workplace.” The Foundation is the contact center for DKV Spain, servicing over 2.5 million contacts with almost 300 employees in different call centers. The Foundation offers call center services with a high level of quality and virtually no employee turnover. DKV has the highest percentage of handicapped employees (29%) of any company in Spain. The goals of The Foundation are not only to hire handicapped people, but also to train and help them get jobs in other companies, as well as to spread the culture of integrating handicapped people in business. DKV Spain enacts its collaborative business model through four objectives: (1) being the best company co-responsible for the health of its clients; (2) give a service that surpasses their expectations; (3) being an exemplar organization; and (4) being an innovative, open, and responsible company.

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EstadoPublicada - 2018

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