Pharmacogenetic Interventions Improve the Clinical Outcome of Treatment-Resistant Autistic Spectrum Disorder Sufferers

Maria J. Arranz, Juliana Salazar, Valentin Bote, Alicia Artigas-Baleri, Alexandre Serra-Llovich, Emma Triviño, Jordi Roige, Carlos Lombardia, Martha Cancino, Marta Hernandez, Marc Cendros, Enric Duran-Tauleria, Nuria Maraver, Amaia Hervas

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BACKGROUND: Autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) are severe neurodevelopmental alterations characterised by deficits in social communication and repetitive and restricted behaviours. About a third of patients receive pharmacological treatment for comorbid symptoms. However, 30–50% do not respond adequately and/or present severe and long-lasting side effects. METH-ODS: Genetic variants in CYP1A2, CYP2C19, CYP2D6 and SLC6A4 were investigated in N = 42 ASD sufferers resistant to pharmacological treatment. Clinical recommendations based on their pharmacogenetic profiles were provided within 24–48 h of receiving a biological sample. RESULTS: A total of 39 participants (93%) improved after the pharmacogenetic intervention according to their CGI scores (difference in basal-final scores: 2.26, SD 1.55) and 37 participants (88%) according to their CGAS scores (average improvement of 20.29, SD 11.85). Twenty-three of them (55%) achieved symptom stability (CGI ≤ 3 and CGAS improvement ≥ 20 points), requiring less frequent visits to their clinicians and hospital stays. Furthermore, the clinical improvement was higher than that observed in a control group (N = 62) with no pharmacogenetic interventions, in which 66% responded to treatment (difference in CGI scores: −0.87, SD 9.4, p = 1 × 10−5; difference in CGAS scores: 6.59, SD 7.76, p = 5 × 10−8). CONCLUSIONS: The implementation of pharmacogenetic interventions has the potential to significantly improve the clinical outcomes in severe comorbid ASD populations with drug treatment resistance and poor prognosis.

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EstadoPublicada - may 2022


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