Personalizing Biomaterials for Precision Nanomedicine Considering the Local Tissue Microenvironment

Nuria Oliva, Shimon Unterman, Yi Zhang, João Conde, Hyun Seok Song, Natalie Artzi

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New advances in (nano)biomaterial design coupled with the detailed study of tissue-biomaterial interactions can open a new chapter in personalized medicine, where biomaterials are chosen and designed to match specific tissue types and disease states. The notion of a "one size fits all" biomaterial no longer exists, as growing evidence points to the value of customizing material design to enhance (pre)clinical performance. The complex microenvironment in vivo at different tissue sites exhibits diverse cell types, tissue chemistry, tissue morphology, and mechanical stresses that are further altered by local pathology. This complex and dynamic environment may alter the implanted material's properties and in turn affect its in vivo performance. It is crucial, therefore, to carefully study tissue context and optimize biomaterials considering the implantation conditions. This practice would enable attaining predictable material performance and enhance clinical outcomes.

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PublicaciónAdvanced Healthcare Materials
EstadoPublicada - 1 ago 2015
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