Los procesos subjetivos de la migración en la obra literaria de Tahar Ben Jelloun

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This article attempts to approach the subjective dimension of immigration through Tahar Ben Jalloun’s fictional works. It shows that literature constructs a view of reality that, being subjective by its very nature, highlights the most intimate and personal aspects of experience and by so doing is able to fathom human complexity. We begin by examining the relevance of personal experience in the social process from the perspective of methodological individualism and of literature as a resource for human intelligibility. In the second part, we draw on significant fragments of Tahar Ben Jelloun’s literary work in order to analyze the feelings woven into the fabric of his immigrant characters’ narrative identities, such as desire, loneliness, longing, fear, and guilt.

Título traducido de la contribuciónThe subjective processes behind migration in the literary works of tahar Ben Jelloun
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  • Ben Jelloun
  • Identity
  • Immigration
  • Literature
  • Subjectivity


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