L’Antropologia de la salut. Cultura, preocupació social i salut (II-A)

Rosa Maria Boixareu Vilaplana

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This article has been conceived in two parts starting from the framework established in the previous document (Culture, social concern and health - 1). - In the first part, the author reminds us of the inevitability of health's social dimension, taking communication as a relational reference: the concepts of difference, inequality and alteration stand out and are involved in its particu- larities. Al1 this, though, is just a first step to go on and pay attention to the con- cept of "lifestyle" as a reality that is to be found in the intersection of human relations, it represents them, builds them and, at the same time, it is build by them. Health and lifestyle are two realities that correspond; we also understand lifestyle as a private and collective responsibility (and commitment).
Idioma originalCatalán
Páginas (desde-hasta)23-41
Número de páginas19
PublicaciónArs Brevis
EstadoPublicada - 1 jun 2000

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