Impact of Health and Social Factors on the Cardiometabolic Risk in People with Food Insecurity: A Systematic Review

Blanca Salinas-Roca, Laura Rubió-Piqué, Elena Carrillo-Álvarez, Gemma Franco-Alcaine

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Food plays a key role in people’s health and quality of life. Inadequate eating habits or a deficient diet can lead to the development of non-communicable diseases (NCDs). The present review aims to describe the health and social factors related to food insecurity (FI) in adults in high-income countries and evaluate their impact on cardiometabolic risk (CMR). Following the PRISMA procedures, a systematic review was conducted by searching in biomedical databases. Full articles were screened (nf = 228) and critically appraised, and 12 studies met the inclusion criteria. Based on the selected studies, the results grouped information based on (i) the characteristics of the population in FI, (ii) the impact of FI on NCDs, and (iii) the cardiovascular and all-cause mortality risk of the FI population. Considering the minimum and maximum percentage data, people of the categories female sex (46.2–57.6%), education level lower than high school (11–67.46%), non-Hispanic white ethnicity (37.4–58%), single or separated or widowed (45–64.8%), and current smoker (35.5–61.1%) make up the population with FI in high-income countries. All of these factors presented a significant association (p < 0.001) with cardiovascular risk factors. The highest odds ratios (OR) for the FI population are described for obesity (OR = 2.49, 95% CI; 1.16–5.33) and myocardial infarction (OR = 2.19, 95% CI). Interventions that integrate FI screening and the measurement of CMR factors into routine clinical care may be an important step to identify vulnerable populations and subsequently improve and prevent NCDs. Thus, food-diet policies and public-health-based interventions are needed to be included in the measurement of CMR in the assessment of FI.

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PublicaciónInternational Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
EstadoPublicada - nov 2022


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