elBullifoundation (2011-2022)

Ignasi Capdevila, Marcel Planellas Arán

Producción científica: Estudio de caso


Ferran Adrià was the head chef and cofounder of elBulli - which many critics considered the finest high-dining restaurant in the world. In 2009, at the top of his game, he shocked the world by announcing that he would be closing his restaurant. Adrià insisted, however, that elBulli would not disappear: it would simply transform. This case follows Adrià's process of transformation between 2011 and 2022, as he converts a restaurant into a foundation, a museum, an artistic-corporate partnership, and a site of experimentation that defies categorisation. Along the way, Adrià offers lessons about innovation and creativity for students who wish to learn about how an institution can adapt and reinvent itself - even from a position of market dominance
Idioma originalInglés
EstadoPublicada - 1 sept 2022


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