El treballador social al CDIAP

Anna López Romero, María Dolores González Vacas, Laura Panadero Ruano, Adela Rodríguez Civil

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The aim of this paper is to explain the specific features of our discipline within the intervention from the experience and taking into account the different realities of intervention in Catalonia. The objective is to reflect on the importance of social work in early care, in two ways, to promote the social worker’s own self and also to facilitate the reflection of the professionals within the interdisciplinary team.
This reflection is based on the proven need between social workers who begin their work “de novo” from 2003, in Catalonia, where different CDIAP never had any professional working in this discipline.
The intervention at CDIAP from the social worker functions as described below that are specific to the intervention in the process of care for the family, which are typical of teamwork and service functions and community work and networked
Idioma originalCatalán
Publicación especializadaDesenvolupa. La revista d'Atenció Precoç
EstadoPublicada - may 2012

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