Effect of temperature on oxygen solubility in molten Pb - Bi eutectic alloy (44.5% Pb - 55.5% Bi)

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One of the coolants proposed for accelerator drive systems (ADS) is lead - bismuth eutectic alloy, LBE (44.5%Pb - 55.5%Bi). One of the disadvantages of using this alloy is that it is highly corrosive for structural steels. Then, it is important to maintain a passivation layer of Fe3O4 on the structural material. In order to maintain this passivation layer stable avoiding PbO formation, it is necessary to control and monitor oxygen content in LBE. ADS reactors will operate in a wide temperature range: from 300°C to 600°C. For that, the goal of this work is to determine the effect of temperature on oxygen solubility in molten LBE. The proposed method is based on the following electrochemical cell: O2 (reference mixture), Pt // YSZ // O2 (LBE) Results for oxygen solubility in LBE at 460, 500 and 540°C have been obtained.

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