Covid-19 i PDI: impactes amb perspectiva de gènere

Caterina Riba, Mar Rosàs Tosas, Pilar Godayol, Ana Pagès Santacana, Anna Pérez-Quintana, Carme Sanmartí, Francesc Torralba Roselló, Patricia Illa, Bàrbara Pagès

Producción científica: Artículo en revista indizadaArtículorevisión exhaustiva


This article presents a study that documents how the changes provoked by the COVID-19 pandemic have widened the gen-der gap among university faculty members in Catalonia. The 32 inter-views conducted for the purposes of this study with university professors/researchers in Catalonia (half men and half women) make evident that the pandemic has brought with it additional demands in terms of of domestic work and care for dependents, and that this new burden has been borne disproportionately by women. Women researchers’ wellbe-ing and productivity have both suffered as a result, as during this pe-riod (May 2020-May 2021) many of them devoted additional time and concern to their homes and families, and they often experienced stress and anxiety. Meanwhile, some of their male peers, including some of those with small children, reported having been able to take advantage of the conditions of the pandemic to make progress in their research.
Título traducido de la contribuciónA Gender Perspective on the Impact of COVID-19 on University Researchers
Idioma originalCatalán
Páginas (desde-hasta)184-206
Número de páginas23
PublicaciónArs Brevis
EstadoPublicada - 21 jun 2022


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