Towards innnovative methods for energy performance assessment and certification of buildings

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TIMEPAC will contribute to improving existing energy certification processes, moving from a single, static certification to
more holistic and dynamic approaches that consider: a) the data generated in the overall energy performance certification
process, from generation to storage, to analysis and exploitation, and throughout all the building lifecycle, from design, to
construction and operation b) buildings as part of a built environment, connected to energy distribution and transport
networks and c) buildings as dynamic entities, continuously changing over time. TIMEPAC will demonstrate the feasibility of
combining EPC databases with other data sources to make certification more effective and reliable. The new methods and
tools to enhance current certification practices will be developed in five Transversal Deployment Scenarios, and validated in
four demonstration scenarios across six European countries: Austria, Croatia, Cyprus, Italy, Slovenia and Spain. The
outcomes will be used as training materials to further educate professionals involved in certification processes throughout
Europe. An online platform will provide access to training materials and courses delivered in a variety of contexts (onsite
and online, blended). A TIMEPAC Academy will further develop and exploit the innovative EPC enhancement methods and
tools and the tranining materials developed in the project.
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