Combating Online early access to Sexually explicit material and Enhancing Tools to foster youngsters' healthy intimate relationships

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Social conditioning of boys and girls during formative years affects gender related roles and behaviour, which can have an impact on patterns of violence and victimisation that carry on to their later lives. Therefore, promoting healthy gender roles among youngsters is key to creating more equal relationships where consent is respected and to preventing gender based violence.

The CONSENT project (Combating ONline early access to Sexually explicit material and ENhancing Tools to foster youngsters’ healthy intimate relationships) aims to:

- Prevent gender-based violence among youngsters with a focus on sexualised violence
- Hinder the internet’s impact on premature and hyper sexualisation and sexism and preventing online violence against and among children and teens
- Promote healthy gender roles, equality and consensual behaviours among youngsters in peer relationships to safeguard their emotional development and wellbeing
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  • European Commission: 107.153,60 €

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