Virtual internal brand communities: Exploring the types, motivations and outcomes

Oriol Iglesias Bedós, Fathima Saleem

Research output: Conference paperContribution


Recently, emphasis has been placed on internally branding employees to facilitate the consistent delivery of brand promise to stakeholders. The literature covers parts of internal branding; however internal brand communities have received little attention. This paper creates a typology of virtual internal brand communities (VIBC), and explores employees' motivations to join VIBCs, and the consequent attitudinal and behavioural outcomes. The authors use case study methodology including in-depth interviews, and netography, in a global airline brand. This study addresses a gap in the literature, and is relevant to current practice, especially in a global environment with dispersed employees.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 5 Apr 2011
Event7th Global Brand Conference 2011 -
Duration: 4 Apr 20117 Apr 2011


Conference7th Global Brand Conference 2011


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