Text to visual synthesis with appearance models

Javier Melenchón, Fernando De La Torre, Igfnasi Iriondo, Francesc Alías, Elisa Martinez, Luis Vicent

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This paper presents a new method named text to visual synthesis with appearance models (TEVISAM) for generating videorealistic talking heads. In a first step, the system learns a person-specific facial appearance model (PSF AM) automatically. PSF AM allows modeling all facial components (e.g. eyes, mouth, etc) independently and it will be used to animate die face from the input text dynamically. As reported by other researches, one of the key aspects in visual synthesis is the coarticulation effect. To solve such a problem, we introduce a new interpolation method in the high dimensional space of appearance allowing to create photorealistic and videorealistic avatars. In this work, preliminary experiments synthesizing virtual avatars from text are reported. Summarizing, in this paper we introduce three novelties: first, we make use of color PSFAM to animate virtual avatars; second, we introduce a non-linear high dimensional interpolation to achieve videorealistic animations; finally, this method allows to generate new expressions modeling the different facial elements.

Original languageEnglish
Number of pages4
Publication statusPublished - 2003
EventProceedings: 2003 International Conference on Image Processing, ICIP-2003 - Barcelona, Spain
Duration: 14 Sept 200317 Sept 2003


ConferenceProceedings: 2003 International Conference on Image Processing, ICIP-2003


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