Team teaching

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Teaching and learning at business schools can only be as good as the questions we ask, or try to answer. Most business schools of today, and their faculty, face a number of challenges: increased international competition; tougher assessment and evaluation criteria; higher mobility of faculty; tighter financial restrictions; increased diversity in student cohorts; and less tolerance for poor teaching. The delivery of business education has to adopt and be transformed to meet these and other challenges. In this symposium we will explore some questions that can be asked about delivery of business education. We will do so by addressing two perspectives of teaching and learning at business schools: what takes place inside the classroom, and what takes place outside the classroom. The symposium is based on a larger multinational project with numerous aspects of the theme, and here we will highlight four examples of aspects, two inside the classroom and two outside. Inside the classroom the symposium will address How to Start Programs, and Team Teaching. Outside the classroom the symposium will first address one fundamental aspect in management learning: Mastering Business Action, and second, Learning Styles as a Vehicle for Pedagogical Development. The symposium will give much room for interaction and discussions, and our aim is to use the four presentations as input for discussions about what questions we ask in our teaching and learning at business schools.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 8 Aug 2008
Event2008 Academy of Management Annual Meeting -
Duration: 8 Aug 200813 Aug 2008


Conference2008 Academy of Management Annual Meeting


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