Sipping a sustainable life: Exploring drivers and barriers in consumer attitudes toward non or low alcoholic spirits

Alba Ramírez Pagès, Belén Derqui Zaragoza, Marcos Polo López

Research output: Indexed journal article Articlepeer-review


Alcohol consumption continues to be prevalent and is on the rise in many countries, posing a grave risk for the health and wellbeing of millions and creating a strain on health services worldwide. A hopeful trend has emerged, however, as consumers' growing preference for healthier, sustainable lifestyles has led traditional alcoholic brands to innovate, launching reduced or non-alcoholic (NoLo) options. This aligns with the SDGs and is reflected in NoLo spirits representing four of Spain's top ten disruptive innovations of 2022. This paper uses a mixed methodology in a qualitative-quantitative sequential approach to gain insight into this phenomenon. The study involved 13 in-depth interviews with HoReCa (an acronym for Hotels, Restaurants, and Caterings) professionals and four focus groups among consumers. Second, behavioral reasoning theory (BRT) was used in a quantitative study aiming to explore motivations for and against consuming NoLo spirits. Data from a survey of 620 participants was conducted and analyzed using SEM-PLS to measure the antecedents of consumer's behavioral intention towards NoLo spirits and to gauge the potential for marketing opportunities. The research reveals that the purchase intention of NoLo spirits is strongly related to health consciousness, while enjoying the effects of alcohol for fun and entertainment, and the social pressure to drink hinders its consumption. In addition, it was found that “reasons for” are more substantial than “reasons against” the consumption of those beverages, differing significantly by age group. Results offer implications for theory and practice, including recommendations for practitioners and regulators willing to improve sustainability in the industry. Further, this paper helps augment the innovation adoption literature by using BRT in the paradoxical context of consumers' increasing alcohol abuse despite their professed attempts to adopt healthier lifestyles.

Original languageEnglish
Article number107308
Number of pages12
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jun 2024


  • Attitudes
  • BRT model
  • Food and society
  • NoLo spirits
  • Sustainable innovation


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