Scalextric: The digital age

Xavier Busquets Carretero, Joan Ramon Mallart Coch

Research output: Case study


Scalextric (or SCX in the US) has been the reference for scale model (1:32) racing sets since 1954. It is also TecniToy's star brand, the company that designs and manufactures the product. Awareness of the Scalextric brand in Spain is around 90%. The primary focuses of the "Scalextric: The Digital Age" case series are strategic fit in a digital technology environment, changes in customer preferences and the need to manage international expansion and global operations. Case (A) centers on the challenges of design, manufacturing and production processes to establish the right time to market in global operations, raising additional issues such as manufacturing in China and supply chain and retail management. Case (B) focuses on Scalextric's challenges in the digital age, exploring if the game has a future due to the emergence of videogames. In addition, other questions include how to lever the value of the game's community, the emergence of the Web 2.0 community in the US and the possibility of opening the business model to develop a new global strategy. The case was written for General Management and Senior Executive Programs. The case is divided into two parts and proposes using YouTube as an academic tool. Case A starts "somewhere in the Arabian Sea", when the captain of the Rosebud, a cargo vessel transporting 20,000 1:32 model cars from Hong Kong to Barcelona for the Christmas campaign, receives a phone call from Sergi Pastor, TecniToys' new CEO, since the cargo may arrive late due to a series of misalignments in the global operations process. The case aims to challenge students by putting them in Pastor's shoes to understand the implications on the management of Supply Chain Network and time to market. Moreover, students are asked to think about the strategy the company should adopt for its plan to expand its global operations and what information and information systems are needed. Case B explores the game's challenge in the new digital context of videogames. The case also describes the power of its 35,000 customer community and raises the question of how to manage it. Moreover, the case describes the successful product's penetration in the US and the emergence of the SCX community through YouTube. Finally, the case describes the Scalextric "Digital System" launch and the possibility of licensing its technology to other toy manufacturers in a process to open its business model.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 1 Oct 2008


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