Preliminary validation of a Spanish language version of the Adoption Communication Scale in adopted adolescents

Inés Aramburu , Manel Salamero, Berta Aznar, Carlos Perez Testor, Montse Davins, Vinyet Mirabent, David Brodzinsky

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The Adoption Communication Scale (ACS) is a 28-item child-report instrument used to assess adoptees' perception of communication openness in the family. The aim was to develop a Spanish language version of the scale (ACS-S) and to assess the instrument's psychometric properties in a sample of 55 adopted adolescents. The ACS-S was found to have high internal consistency ( = .93) and moderately high test-retest stability (.68). An exploratory factorial analysis yielded two factors, the first loaded on satisfaction with emotional communication items and the second encompassing satisfaction with the completeness of the information offered by the parents. These factors are coherent with the theory underlying the scale. The total ACS-S score was significantly positively correlated with adolescent Global Satisfaction with Openness as measured by a Visual Analogue Scale. The ACS-S scale appears to be a valid tool in assessing communication openness in Spanish adopted adolescents.
Translated title of the contributionValidación preliminar de una versión en español de la escala Adoption Communication Scale para adolescentes adoptados
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)626-642
Number of pages17
JournalEstudios de pedagogía y psicología
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2015


  • Adoptees
  • Communication
  • Satisfaction
  • Test validity


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