Penas alternativas a la prisión y cumplimiento en régimen abierto

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From the starting point of the Generalitat of Catalonia (Catalan Regional Government) competence to enforce prison law, the contribution focuses on the effective development of the open regime and the weekend under arrests. After considering the legal delimitation of the regime of semi-liberty or third degree of penitentiary treatment, it is analyzed its implementation through the labelled as open prison. To this purpose, the contribution considers: the infrastructure, activities developed by inmates in these circumstances, the boards of treatment¿ role and the task fulfilled by the penitentiary surveillance judges. Finally, outlines an assessment of the practical implementation of the measure. On the other hand, about weekend under arrests, the text deals with law purposes, compliance infrastructure, condemned profiles - which often do not coincide exactly with the explicit provisions in justification of the measure in the Criminal Act-. Also are considered some problems that the penitentiary administration has to confront in order to this measure enforcement. After an assessment and proposals regarding the arrest, the conclusions are dealing with both measures: open prison and weekend under arrest.
Original languageCatalan
Title of host publicationXV Jornadas de Coordinación entre Defensores del Pueblo
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2000

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