Organizational behavior for MBAs

Chad Orsen Albrecht, Simon Landau Dolan

Research output: BookOfficial report


This is a web based course (and book) for MBA students. It is an introduction to OB and the web-based booked is packed with features such as video clips, self tests, etc. As an MBA student and active participant in the workforce, you will discover that organizations will influence and shape your life more than ever. If you haven¿t already done so, in the near future, you will likely be responsible for managing people within an organization. As a manager, you¿ll do a better job if you understand how organizations influence people and how people influence organizations. Such an understanding is vital to your ability to thrive and even survive in the world of work. You can operate a car without understanding how it works, but it's hard to run an organization without knowing its structure and function. The nature of the organization is the central theme of this course. The book is used by over 133 universities in 33 countries.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 15 Jan 2013


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