Ocio educativo y cohesión social

Translated title of the contribution: Educational leisure and social cohesion

Teresa Eulàlia Marzo Arpón, Jordi Sabater Garcia, Yolanda Lázaro Fernández, Roger Buch Ros

Research output: Indexed journal article Articlepeer-review


This communication is to present the research project “Leisure, sociocultural action and social cohesion”, which is being conducted by the Research Group for Innovation and Social Analysis (GIAS) of the Faculty of Social Education and Social Work Pere Tarrés of the Ramón Llull Universiidad.
The objective of this project is to deepen the knowledge of how and when the practices of leisure and sociocultural action, aimed at children, adolescents and young people, correlate with the degree of social cohesion of the territory and how these practices allow building skilled citizens to overcome social exclusion processes, since previous researches have already shown that social participation and citizenship building, linked to entraining identity processes and improving social cohesion, can overcome exclusion processes in the children and young people. Thus, in a first section, the concept of social cohesion from which it starts, placing it within the frame of the current context of restructuring of the Estados del Bienestar (Welfare States), is established. In a second, the situation of educational leisure in Catalunya and Euskadi is synthesized.
In addition, in a third, a participatory and evaluative methodological proposal, with the use of mixed media,which is being followed to develop the research project, is presented in detail.
Translated title of the contributionEducational leisure and social cohesion
Original languageSpanish
Pages (from-to)118-119
Number of pages1
Issue number16
Publication statusPublished - 1 Sept 2016


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