Management forms: When control is irrelevant

Núria Nadal Burgués, Zahra Solouki, Udo Zander

Research output: Conference paperContribution


The structural aspects of organizations have been a focal point in organizational studies, being able to describe and analyze different types of organizations, while the subject of management forms has been underdeveloped. At the structural level new dimensions have been included, but no substantial changes have happened at the managerial level. Traditional management forms show limitations when dealing with ambiguous situations, because control has been viewed as a fundamental aspect of management, limiting the range and application of management under uncertainty. Therefore, this study addresses forms of management when control is counter prouctive. The model presented attempts to clarify that different types of goals and tasks will lead to different forms of management as well as different organizational structures.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 17 Jun 2013
Event35th DRUID Academy Conference, Barcelona 2013 -
Duration: 17 Jun 201319 Jun 2013


Conference35th DRUID Academy Conference, Barcelona 2013


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