Innovation at BBVA

Henning Dröge, Juan Ramis Pujol

Research output: Case study


This case study allows students to obtain an in-depth understanding of how a large retail bank succeeded in developing multiple service innovations. Six projects have been selected and are described on multiple dimensions in order to allow insight into how new services have been developed and what the project work was like. This case makes it possible for MBA classes to discuss critically the means a company has to set in place in order to become capable of developing multiple, radical and incremental, service innovations. The means to benefit from external information (both market and technology information) are highlighted, showing clear parallels to an open innovation approach. Besides the case allows the students to reflect on the different types of innovation, the nature and the complexities of the process of innovation, and the potential protection strategies that might be suitable for service innovation initiatives. This case, as concerns the different themes deployed, is very diverse and encompassing. It deals with both strategic and operational matters. It can be used at the end of an innovation management course in order to wrap up all different topics discussed. The accompanying teaching note is developed in depth showing also other potential reasoning paths.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 1 Oct 2011


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