Identificación de buenas prácticas en carreras y marchas solidarias

Translated title of the contribution: Indentification of good practices in charity races and marches

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The new phenomenon known as second running wave is today linked to an increasing number of races and popular marches. The number of this kind of events has increased significantly, adopting frequently a solidarity character. Nevertheless, the rise of these solidarity events is not always matched with solid mechanisms of transparency towards the different stakeholders.The aim of this communication is to publicize the results of a research consisting in defining good practices in the management of mar-ches and athletic races of solidary character. The methodology used was the participatory social research, based on the constitution of a Participatory Research-Action group formed by representative stakeholders. The collection of information was carried out mainly through four focus groups, consisting of representative stakeholders from the public sector, event organization, agents working in the third social sector and runners for solidarity.The results of this research allowed us to identify some good practices in relation to the different phases of development of these events: (1) design and planning; (2) execution and (3) closure. At the same time, two levels of action were contemplated related to the solidary link of the event and the resources of the organizing agents. We consider that this reflection can be useful both for the organizers of these events in the management of stakeholders or interest groups, and for the community point of view
Translated title of the contributionIndentification of good practices in charity races and marches
Original languageSpanish
Number of pages8
Specialist publicationRevista Española de Educación Física y Deportes
PublisherConsejo General de la Educación Física y Deportiva
Publication statusPublished - 1 Oct 2019


  • Transparency
  • Good practices
  • Sporting evennts
  • Solidarity


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