From Business Ethics to Business Education: Peter-Hans Kolvenbach’s Contribution

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This essay begins with a look at the contribution made by Business Ethics and by Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to Business Education, and how the first two have moved to the last over time. Yet their contributions also reveal limitations that need to be taken into account in the debate on the training provided by Business Schools. This debate cannot be confined to speaking of disciplines and their cross-cutting natures but rather needs to focus directly on the kind of personal profile fostered among business students. In the context of this debate on the future of Business Schools, the essay stresses the relevance of Peter-Hans Kolvenbach’s framework. He proposed an educational ideal based upon educating competent, conscious, compassionate, and committed people. This ideal took shape in the form of an educational paradigm integrating four dimensions: professional (utilitas), ethical-social (iustitia), humanist (humanitas) and spiritual (fides). The essay not only shows how each of these dimensions is in tune with some of the present proposals for renewing Business Education but also how Kolvenbach's more holistic approach can help to further integrate and spotlight the blind spots of each of them.

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JournalHumanistic Management Journal
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Publication statusPublished - Apr 2022
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  • Business Education
  • Business Ethics
  • Higher Education
  • Peter-Hans Kolvenbach
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