European cities' capacity to attract urban tourism visitors

Joan Sureda Pascual, José Francisco Valls Giménez, Valls TuñonGerard

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The article addresses the relationship between tourists and European cities with the aim of identifying the links produced between them. Field research has been undertaken in seven European countries - Germany, France, Italy, Great Britain, Belgium, Holland and Spain - involving 5,600 representative individuals of each population, and addressing some forty European cities which the sample itself has spontaneously shown to be the preferred choices. The study is based on the structuring of European life styles with regard to leisure, eight Leisure-types, which show Europeans' distinctive leisure behaviour and their predisposition to specific tourist products or destinations. The results of this study have enabled the gathering of valuable information on two issues. The first is the identification of the preference structure of each Leisure-type for specific European cities and what it is they associate their attraction with, analysed in terms of their country of origin and the principal segmentation characteristics of each Leisure-type. The second is the classification of the cities according to the holiday type with which each is associated by the eight Leisure-types, whether it be for a city-break (1-2 night stay); for a short holiday (3-4 night stay); or for a long holiday (eight night-stay or longer). The information provided by this study is of great value for European cities' strategic planning specially on actual crisis in what the innovation in the relationship between destinations and clients became essential. To be specific it facilitates the segmentation of short, medium and long distance urban tourism customers and the understanding of their attitudes and interests; it helps to identify the positioning of cities in consumers minds; and offers consistent criteria for the structuring of appropriate tourism products for real and potential customers.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 19 Apr 2012
EventDestination Management and Branding in the Mediterranean Region: Sustainable Tourism in Times of Crisis, Antalya 2012 -
Duration: 19 Apr 201221 Apr 2012


ConferenceDestination Management and Branding in the Mediterranean Region: Sustainable Tourism in Times of Crisis, Antalya 2012


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