Erratum: Neutrophils fuel effective immune responses through gluconeogenesis and glycogenesis (Cell Metabolism (2021) 33(2) (411–423.e4))

Pranvera Sadiku, Joseph A. Willson, Eilise M. Ryan, David Sammut, Patricia Coelho, Emily R. Watts, Robert Grecian, Jason M. Young, Martin Bewley, Simone Arienti, Ananda S. Mirchandani, Manuel A. Sanchez Garcia, Tyler Morrison, Ailing Zhang, Leila Reyes, Tobias Griessler, Privjyot Jheeta, Gordon G. Paterson, Christopher J. Graham, John P. ThomsonKenneth Baillie, A. A.Roger Thompson, Jessie May Morgan, Abel Acosta-Sanchez, Veronica M. Dardé, Jordi Duran, Joan J. Guinovart, Gio Rodriguez-Blanco, Alex Von Kriegsheim, Richard R. Meehan, Massimiliano Mazzone, David H. Dockrell, Bart Ghesquiere, Peter Carmeliet, Moira K.B. Whyte, Sarah R. Walmsley

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(Cell Metabolism 33, 411–423.e1–e4; February 2, 2021) In the originally published version of this article, an earlier draft of Figure 5 was mistakenly included. This has now been replaced with the final version, which includes data generated during the revision process. Updated figure panels now include bacterial killing of Staphylococcus aureus (SH1000) (Figure 5B), baseline ATP levels (Figure 5D), glycolytic response to SH1000 (Figures 5E and 5F), and tracing of U-13C glutamine into F1,6BP (Figure 5R). Figure 5G has been removed and replaced by 5E; 5L has been removed and replaced by 5D. The remaining panels have been renumbered in line with the figure legend and Results text. The figure legend in the originally published article is correct and corresponds to the updated figure. This error does not affect the data and conclusions of the paper. The authors sincerely apologize for any confusion that this error may have caused.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1062-1064
Number of pages3
JournalCell Metabolism
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 4 May 2021
Externally publishedYes


  • COPD
  • GYS1
  • gluconeogenesis
  • glycogen
  • glycogenesis
  • glycogenolysis
  • glycolysis
  • inflammation
  • neutrophil


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