Competències bàsiques i educació física: estudis i investigacions

Translated title of the contribution: Core Skills and Physical Education: Studies and Research

Sara Figueras Comas, Marta Capllonch Bujosa, Domingo Blázquez Sánchez, Núria Monzonís Martínez

Research output: Indexed journal article Articlepeer-review


This paper presents a critical review on national and international scientific literature on studies and research carried out over the past ten years about core skills and physical education. The review is part of the R&D project
“Las competencias básicas en una educación física de calidad. Análisis de los procesos relativos a la programación de educación física atendiendo a su efectividad en la adquisición de las competencias básicas (DEP2012-33296)”.
Based on in-depth review of the databases that contain the highest impact national and international publications, we classify the issues that are triggering greatest interest among researchers in our area into six deductive categories: 1)
studies related to the contribution of physical education to core skills; 2) teachers’ perception on the implementation of core skills in schools; 3) the skills approach in search of quality in education; 4) strategies to introduce core skills
in physical education programming units; 5) thoughts on motor skills as the great forgotten core skill; and 6) positions criticizing the skills approach. The results of this study provide systematic organization that can be a reference point for subsequent studies in this area.
Translated title of the contributionCore Skills and Physical Education: Studies and Research
Original languageCatalan
Pages (from-to)34-43
Number of pages10
JournalApunts. Educacion Fisica y Deportes
Issue number123
Publication statusPublished - Jan 2016


  • education
  • physical education
  • curriculum
  • quality
  • core skills
  • motor skil


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