Challenging what's mainstream: Displacing the center of gravity in creative industries

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How could firms challenge established norms and conventions in an industry, creating a new context that displaces the existing center of gravity? What are the motivations that lead firms to challenge what's mainstream, changing the competitive setting that provides value to certain resources and capabilities? And, what are the mechanisms that they use? These are questions that have critical importance for both, companies that own the valuable resources and capabilities that allow them to occupy the core of an industry - representing its center of gravity - as well as for those who aspire to change the establishment, creating a new center of gravity that provide higher value to alternative resources and capabilities that either they are developing or have under their control, to gain power over that space.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 10 Jul 2008
Event24th EGOS Colloquium -
Duration: 10 Jun 200812 Jul 2008


Conference24th EGOS Colloquium


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