Business leadership as intrinsic responsible leadership

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Traditionally in business the function of the manager and leader has been to control the performance of the employees under her supervision. Though the leader role seems to imply the use of less coercive means, leadership in business is a role mainly performed by managers. The development of the Knowledge Society challenges the traditional role of the manager and business leader. Our research is geared towards understanding which type of leadership does this new economy demand. Our society is radically different to the previous ones nothing is fixed, permanent nor immutable. In a society that lives out of change, where knowledge is the base of our survival, we understand that our knowledge is a creation, a modelling of how reality is. The knowledge Society is based on continuous change, innovation is the force driving the economy, and businesses are interested in creating and innovating to be successful. Therefore managers are eager to promote business environments prone to creation and innovation. As a result, business leaders need to be experts in creating methods of communication, information and collaboration among different specialized scientists or technical experts, belonging to similar or different disciplines, that foster this creativity and innovation they search for. Our research introduces the notion that successful business leadership is responsible leadership. We are narrowing our research to include all business leaders, except the entrepreneur business leader and the owner business leader, which has a wider range of responsibilities similar to those researched by Corporate Social Responsibility. Responsible leadership entails two duties. The first one is about devising the organizational structure that stimulates the creation of knowledge. The second one is about creating the axiological framework that allows the group to be aligned on an attractive end towards which all members of the business are fully committed to. The business leader has to be an individual of quality to ascertain how to create this axiological framework. This framework will have to be lived as if it was absolute by members of the organization but knowing that it is flexible and can be changed when the project requires so.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationThe next generation responsible leaders: First international conference in responsible leadership
Publication statusPublished - 1 May 2010


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