Business goals and performance relationships in new ventures created by women entrepreneurs

José Ernesto Amorós Espinosa, Laura Lamolla Kristiansen, Marcel Planellas Arán, Maika Melina Valencia Silva

Research output: Conference paperContribution


Empirical evidence demonstrates that women entrepreneurs' business performance results go far beyond purely economic aspects. This study analyzes the extent to which women entrepreneurs' business goals differ with respect to their business performance in economic and non-economic terms. We analyze a sample of Spanish women entrepreneurs, measuring their performance perception and business goals. Our results show that women do not display significant differences regarding their individual non-economic goals related to non-economic performance results. However, our results, partially support the claim regarding the relationship between social non-economic goals and economic goals in relation to non-economic and economic oriented performance respectively. Implications for further research are discussed.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 20 Mar 2012
EventINBAM 2012 -
Duration: 20 Mar 201222 Mar 2012


ConferenceINBAM 2012


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