A brand design management model integrating corporate culture and market orientation

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As brands have become one of firms most valuable assets, the search for new ways to build brands that achieve a differentiated status in the minds of customers has become of central importance for companies. If design is guided by the brand, besides being an unequivocal source of differentiation, it can serve as the cohesive factor for all elements that configure a brand experience. A brand design management model, which the corporate culture and the market orientation, is presented. 37 owners and/or top managers of 28 Spanish companies acclaimed for their design were interviewed in order to build the model. The resulting model integrates the innovation process with different kinds of design, which results in the creation of consistent brand experiences.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2 Jul 2009
Event25th EGOS Colloquium -
Duration: 29 Jun 20094 Jul 2009


Conference25th EGOS Colloquium

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