Future Data Storage Using Colloidal Memory Technology

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The FastComet project embarks on a mission to establish a proof-of-concept for colloidal memory, encompassing several key objectives:

1. Identification of Suitable Nanoparticles: Researchers aim to identify nanoparticles suitable for the colloidal memory system, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.
2. Development of Nanofabricated Test Structures: The project involves the creation of nanofabricated test structures, providing a tangible platform for experimentation and validation of the colloidal memory concept.
3. Advanced Nanoscopy Imaging Techniques: Cutting-edge nanoscopy imaging techniques will be employed to demonstrate the selective manipulation of nanoparticles within passive nanocapillary arrays, showcasing the feasibility and precision of the proposed memory concept.
4. Establishment of a Modeling Framework: A crucial aspect of the project involves the development of a comprehensive modeling framework. This framework will serve as a roadmap for future technology development, enabling researchers to refine and optimize the colloidal memory concept over time.

More info at: https://fastcomet-pathfinder.eu/
Effective start/end date1/11/2331/10/26


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