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ECIM will develop a state-of-the-art solution that combines the strong cloud capabilities of an existing CIP cloud-based platform, EPIC, with new functionalities that facilitate the easy migration of existing city services and innovative creation of new ones. In so doing, ECIM will 1) provide a pathway for cities and businesses to easily migrate services to the cloud, 2) open these services to innovators for use as the basis for new applications & services and 3) leverage existing CIP Marketplaces for Intelligent City services (EPIC & EnoLL) to promote these services across Europe. Pilots in Barcelona, Paris, and Brussels, and a proof of concept in the Birmingham region will validate the ECIM solution by 1) submitting existing services to the platform 2) engaging citizens and SMEs to co-create new services and 3) demonstrating cross border interoperability by implementing these new services in their own areas.\n\nECIM will use mobility and parking as a validation scenario because these services can easily be migrated to a cloud infrastructure and are consistently cited as high priorities for citizens and public service providers. In many European cities, commercial off-street and public sector on-street parking solutions are available and easy to locate online. However, these offerings function in near total isolation from each other let alone with related areas such as public transport alternatives like city bike stations. Migrating these services to the cloud will not only save back office time and money, it will also help to unleash innovation by making them available as open public services that citizens and SMEs can use as the basis for innovation. To cite just one example, merging the real-time management of on-street and off-street parking availability with public sector transport options would enable cities to advance 'softer' urban mobility priorities such as encouraging more environmentally friendly modes of transport.
Effective start/end date1/01/1430/06/16


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