Co-thinking and creation for STEAM diversity-gap reduction

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Lack of diversity, especially gender inequality and social background are some global problems in different sectors but especially latent in the context of the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering (and the recently added concept of Arts), and Mathematics (STEAM), from primary school to university level and, therefore, labor market. When we talk about diversity, we are worried about attracting representative people from all sectors of society, different cultures, disabilities, ethnic groups, gender or sexual orientation. When the needs of some groups are not adequately addressed, we also speak of exclusion. We can assume that the low numbers in professional context are related to the low diversity in STEAM areas, starting in primary school and arriving to higher education. For example, the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study shows that only 30% of woman choose to study STEAM careers.

Taking into account the context described, CreaSTEAM project aims to provide an actualized map of the resources focused on the reduction of the diversity gap using STEAM approaches, and how to select from these resources better solutions to create a framework to implement STEAM-Labs into secondary schools. The STEAM-Labs, as a main innovation of the project, merge the solutions that we can find in FAB-Labs, MEDIA-Labs, and USER-Labs, and our approach is focused on the creation of good practices in these spaces in order to promote diversity in STEAM, where diversity also covers gender equity, and social inclusion for promotion of STEAM vocations.
Effective start/end date1/10/2031/03/23


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