Co-creation of strategic action for climate change adaptation of territories and local economies

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LIFE eCOadapt50 aims to raise awareness of climate change adaptation (CCA) at the local level, through the involvement of regional governments and businesses. The project was established under the Local Climate Adaptation Strategy (LSACC) developed by a previous project (LIFE-CLINOMICS) to implement the action plans of each territory involved. It integrates the strategies of the local action groups and the CCA proposals of the Rural Development Plan of Catalonia.
The project team will expand the implementation of the LSACC, to mobilise local investments to promote climate change adaptation of infrastructures and economic activities, as foreseen in the CCA plans of the territories and sectors. They will increase resilience to climate change impacts in 19 territories of Catalonia and for four economic activities (agriculture/livestock, forestry, fishing, and tourism).
Effective start/end date1/01/2331/12/30


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