Breakthrough Innovation Programme for a Pan-European Detection and Imaging Eco-System – Phase-2

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The ATTRACT Phase-2 project aims to consolidate a European innovation ecosystem focused on breakthrough Detection & Imaging technologies. This ecosystem is backboned by three types of actors: National and European RIs, Industrial organizations and their associated communities. Although these actors understand and practice innovation under different rationales, the goal of ATTRACT Phase-2 merges their common aim for overcoming the innovation “Valley-of-Death”. Departing from the success of the ongoing project ATTRACT Phase-1, this project will focus and fund the proven and most promising breakthrough technology concepts from the previous phase showing a strong potential for scientific, industrial and societal applications. ATTRACT Phase-2 is conceived as an instrument to further support their development and substantially raise their Technology Readiness Level towards the market. ATTRACT Phase-2 is also scaling up the opportunities for young entrepreneurs with respect to the previous phase. Following from ATTRACT Phase-1, this project will provide up to 400 young innovators the opportunity, methodologies and mentoring for developing novel concepts and prototypes of technological solutions addressing Societal Challenges inspired and in collaboration by the detection and imaging technologies developed within the funded projects. Additionally, ATTRACT Phase-2 will deliver a first of a kind Socio Economic Study of an innovation ecosystem in the making, realised by top experts and addressing different points of view and practices. ATTRACT Phase-2 will also undertake serious efforts for exploring the possibility of blending public and private financing in an open dialogue with their respective stakeholders in order to provide future models to streamline innovation funding.
Effective start/end date1/02/2131/01/25


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