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Grup de recerca emergent (GRE) Reconegut

The Applied Data Analytics and Modeling IQS research group is a newly created group whose major focuses are the application of data analytics and modeling techniques to the different areas of expertise of IQS (i.e. biosciences, engineering and social sciences) and the teaching of these techniques in higher education. It incorporates an interdisciplinary group of scholars, some of which have recently joined IQS to pursue research in this area.

Previous (from 2017) and current research of the group includes the analysis of epidemiology scenarios through simulations, the mathematical modeling of developmental systems, the use of semantic technologies in engineering and management applications, the modeling of investors reactions through event studies, the application of learning analytics to open-ended learning tools in higher education, and the research of active-learning approaches in mathematics, statistics and management education.
Effective start/end date1/01/2230/06/25


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