Technology, Economics and Diversity in the Periphery

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A study across six peripheral European regions that addresses the nature of existing and potential change emanating from the introduction of new IST. The regions have been selected on an experimental basis that allows us to explore the relationship between population size and diversity and trajectories of development associated with IST. Within each region it considers the nature of these IST based developments by reference to convergence and digitalisation and their impact upon the reconceptualisation of resources. The impact of these developments on learning, organisational structures, service provision, plans to sustain diversity and potential for expanding the network economy are similarly considered. This allows the study to ascertain the extent to which the different regions are moving towards a coherent process of development. The end product for each region is a business model for future integrated development.
Data efectiva d'inici i finalització1/07/0130/09/03

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  • Societat de la informació
  • Llengües minoritzades
  • Indústries culturals
  • Religions i Cultures


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