Collaboration Awareness Tool for CSCL users

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Awareness collaboration tool for CSCL users (Euro-ACT-CSCL) is a joint research project aiming to advance research knowledge in Computer Supported Collaborative Work and Learning (CSCL) and create interoperable computer tools to add to groupware systems and main Learning Management Systems (LMS) in order to enhance the effectiveness and quality of persons in computer distance work/learning context. CSCL systems offers the opportunity to work or learn collaboratively within different times and spaces, but at the same time, this capacity makes necessary to increase self regulation, group regulation and group awareness in order to achieve academic or work goals in this context (Houssman, 1991; Monereo, 2005). We focus in a new CSCL specific need, group’s time awareness and regulation, an individual competency in collaborative context that increases work planning and task regulation efficience, communication (Grudin, 1994), anticipation (Gutwin & Greenberg, 2002) and group coordination (Ellis & al, 1991). Time management on CSCL systems is a new research field, who needs to overpass the traditional dichotomic approach between (1) heuristic quick-fix approaches in professional/industrial time management and (2) experimental decontextualized approaches of chronometric time capacities made by psychological researchers. Trans-disciplinarian (psychology, computer engineering, human computer interaction, management sciences) and intersectoral collaboration (Industry-academia) is needed to increase knowledge on CSCL group’s time awareness and regulation, and elaborate new knowledge (scientific publications) and a concrete tool (Awareness Collaboration Tool) to help CSCL users being more efficient in this new work or learning context. Carring out this research project on a European multisector consortium will help make the results more transferable, and will makes easier the Awareness Collaboration Tool (ACT) distribution.
Data efectiva d'inici i finalització1/11/0831/10/12


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