2015 GLOBAL ASPIRE TTR_FAP _ Proteomic analysis of transthyretin (TTR) post-translational modifications (PTMs) as a steppingstone for phenotypegenotype correlations in hereditary TTR-related amyloidosis (ATTR): a casecontrol study. Funding institution: Convocatoria ASPIRE, Pfizer Participant institutions: Hospital Clínic, Vall d'Hebron Institut of Oncology, IQS-URL Dates, from: January 2016 to December 2016 Principal investigator (PI): Dr. J.M. Campistol (H.Clínic), Dr. F.Canals (VHIO), Dr. A.Planas (IQS) Researchers (at IQS): A.Planas. Concessió: 10/8/2015

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Data efectiva d'inici i finalització1/01/1631/12/16